Sorry guys-no pictures today! It was a rough day! We were gone over 6 hours doing paperwork and tb tests. It was very hard on Xin. Will and I took him by himself and the kids stayed with Nana and Poppy.He didn't understand where we were going and he shut down. He thought we were taking him back to the orphanage.Then he really did not like the  tb test and from there it just went down hill. They all had to sit there while we did the paperwork and that is a long time for anybody! He was a little defiant and didn't want to hold our hands.He told the guide he wanted to go home(hotel). When we finally pulled in to the hotel he realized where we were and just lit up! He ran up the stairs to the escalator, down the hall and burst into the room. Unfortunately the kids were out on a walk and he searched both rooms hoping to find them-so sad. We entertained him until they came back and he was thrilled when they showed up-a little wild actually. We are all sleep deprived and if I don't get some sleep tonite you may hear about a woman in China jumping off the roof of the Poly Plaza hotel. Everything is much harder when you are tired!!!! So, off to bed we all go.