Hump Day! Yahoo!!!! We just had a low key day today. We decided not to go on the Museum tour. It is very nerve racking trying to keep a time bomb quiet and controlled for hours. We played in the room, walked to the mall, ate lunch and the littles napped-along with the men. We all went to the acrobatic show tonight which was amazing!!!!!! Sorry no pictures. Xin did pretty good today. One minor tantrum which was quickly averted by us walking away and paying no attention to his antics. I think we will carry a sign with us where ever we go when we get home that says "Warning-newly adopted child that doesn't speak English. Please excuse the tantrum --we are trying." Oh how much it helps to know our friends and family are praying for us. We are doing this only with God's help. This is definetly something that can not be done with out His help!!! We HAVE ventured WAY OUT of our comfort zones and boy do I miss that spot. But this little guy sure is cute and he sure does love the love he is receiving. You can see him soaking it in! Have a great day everybody!