Well, I will try to “post” my thoughts now after failing twice last TH night.  I don’t know if my Journal entry timed out or was lost in webspace when I attempted to save, but I am typing in Word and will copy over.  I am a neophyte at this, while my wife truly enjoys it and writes beautifully!

First, all praise and glory to my risen Savior, Jesus Christ.  He called us to this journey, and was with us every step…the highs and the lows.  This time away confirmed my belief that He wants all of us to depend on Him more, to trust and obey, as we deepen our relationship with Him.  His grace and faithfulness are immeasurable, as He supplied all our needs (which we felt at times were HUGE) during the last 3 weeks.  Those HUGE needs are mere details to the King, and not to be fretted over as I look back in hindsight.  I’ll keep this handy as I move forward with this new time of family transition!

Second, words cannot express our gratitude for all the prayers and support during our time overseas.  I will simply say Thank You to all who remembered us and those who left messages to Amy’s blogs with encouragement and counsel.  We felt the power of prayer once again…it is real and uplifting…and it truly sustained us, along with your responses.  We would wake up in the mornings and hurry to read them, and they were so meaningful to us half a world away from “our normal”.  We would make it thru the disappointing days, and then have you to remind us of the positive, and our spirits and attitudes were refreshed.  We are humbled by the love and faithfulness of our family and friends.

Last Thursday, I believe God gave me a brief glimpse of His passion and love for His adopted children.  This was the afternoon we went to the American consulate in Guangzhou to finalize our adoption paperwork and take our oath.  As we arrived, I noticed Xin becoming quiet and more subdued as he sat on my lap in the waiting room.  I asked Poppy if his eyes were blinking – Xin’s nervous habit.  “Yes.”  His name was called and we went up for the official to verify us.  He did not look at the man behind the window, and when we turned his face for identification, he started crying.  We calmed him and sat back down.  Later our guide spoke to Xin and he told her that he was afraid we were giving him back.  As he rode on my lap on the bus ride home, my emotional feelings that I whispered to my adopted son were “I/we would never give you back or ever leave you.  This new life you will have in Augusta, GA will be beyond your wildest dreams…you can’t imagine the things (and blessings) awaiting you.  I/we have great plans for you as you grow up and we love you more than you will know.”  As I reflected on my thoughts to Xin, I felt great joy as I realized this is how our Father feels about us.  If we will let Him, He holds us in his lap when we are afraid.  He has promised us eternal life in Christ, never to forsake us, and plans to prosper us.  We only need to believe, trust and obey.  To God be the glory!

And thanks again for sharing in our journey.

Will aka “Baba”