How this all came about..... · December 09, 2008
Why you ask???
2008-12-09 11:35:33.0

Well- I know that the question of "why again??" is on your minds--and how did we come across this little cherub--so I thought that I would fill you in--and give our new son a little backround on how we became lucky enough to be his family.

I often go on the adoption websites to look at the waiting children--and I am on several Yahoo adoption agency groups from when we adopted Hope--when I see children that have limb differences like our Hope--I often advocate for them on other sites where people are looking to adopt.  So........on one late summer morning, I received the file of this incredibly beautiful baby boy. I cannot explain it in any other way than to tell you that the moment I saw his face I knew that he was meant to be mine. I know other adoptive parents "get" this moment.  His face touched my heart---his story touched my heart. This was irrational--I know, bad timing--we had only been home 5 1/2 months w/ Hope. We just had moved into our new home 2 weeks earlier, and our house was full--w/ lots of little kids already. Yet----he was mine--so what was I going to do??? So- my sweet husband listened to me tearfully plea his case--and amazingly--did not shoot me down, but did not say yes either. This was quite alot to take in!

So--after much soul searching, and alot of tears--Darrin thought that it was not the time. I was so confused and more than a little distraught--I just knew that it was meant to be. Darrin- also seemed pained--not sure that his decision was the right one. So--he said he needed one weekend of thinking/praying/reflecting to make his decision. I also prayed w/ all that I had that he would also know in his heart that we have another baby waiting for us.

Sunday night came and I was on pins and needles--and Darrin hugged me and said "I want to go back to China!"--and when I asked what changed his mind--he said that it was just the right thing to do. So as simple as that---sometimes God leads us into a direction that might not be easy--and it might seem to be more of a challenge than we are ready for. Lots of times we shy away--for fear of the challenge--but most times--there is a great reward to be had, and had we not risen above our fear, we would be missing out on some of life's most incredible experiences.

Our journey is just beginning--our children will find out about their baby brother on Christmas morning--we could think of no better time to share news of this incredible gift!! We will then share this story with all of you! For now--I will keep adding thoughts as we go along!

By the way--the older pics of him that are on the site are from his 1st Birthday on December 5th--we sent him a cake. We think that very inch of him is adorable!!

Pray for him please--we will hope to travel late spring to meet him, and we hope that he is loved and cared for until we arrive!