Timeline's and little miracles! · December 31, 2008


                 Happy New Year Everyone!!

Timeline for our dear Samuel! 2008-12-31 04:58:48.0

Well Happy New Year to everyone!  I thought that there was no way to top 2008 in terms of excitement for our family...but it seems that 2009 will be another thrilling year for us!

I just wanted too give a rundown of a projected timeline for bringing Samuel home, since many have asked where we are in the process! So here it goes...

8/30/2008--sent in our LOI--Letter of Intent to Adopt Sam. This is our basic info---that was sent without our large dossier--since we did not have that ready to send. It tells China the major basics that inform China whether we will be qualified to adopt.

9/23/08- was issued PA- or Pre-approval to adopt. That means based on the initial info that we sent...Samuel is ours to adopt, but they are wating for our dossier--which is the major compilation of our life to send.

10/17/08- applied for the I800A from the United States Immigration.- This is a new form that was just introduced and gives approval from the U.S.  to adopt a child from another country. This form has been taking forever to process, and we cannot send in our dossier without it. Some have waited more than 120 days.

11/28/08- got updated fingerprints done for the I800A application.

12/20/08- got updated pics of Sam's scars--they do not look so good!

12/23/08- have Hope's surgeons-  review the recent pics...and they agree that he needs to be treated ASAP--they agree to write a letter to try and expedite his case.

12/30/08- fax the Dr.'s letter and recent pics to the US immigration--connect w/ a wonderful lady there. She calls me within 2 hours to tell me that she has pulled our file and is faxing and mailing our approval ASAP. We received the fax yesterday afternoon. She tells me that she herself suffered severe burns as a child--so she had a soft spot for our little one-----coincidence?????? No- not at all--I know there are bigger powers at work here. These things just don't happen often in international adoption!!!

Week of Jan. 5th--We hope to have our Dossier on it's way to China and are hoping that the Chinese powers that be are also sympathetic to our sweet Samuel....and hopefully will allow him to get home sooner!! Please--those of you that pray---keep the prayers coming!!!!