I miss him.... · March 18, 2009

Day 62...........

2009-03-18 19:15:20.0

I miss him, I really do. I look at his face every single day, it is on our walls, on our nightstand, and imprinted on our hearts. I long to hold him, bathe him, snuggle with him, and feed him his bottle. Simple things, when you think about it...yet, he probably hasn't had many people do this for him.

I want to hear his voice, to stroke his little head of hair, and to see his little arms, and belly, and cute little legs. I want to wipe the ever present tears from his eyes. I want to see his smile.....I never have.

I want to know him....his likes,dislikes, what makes him happy. I want him to know how much we all love him...how we would jump on a plane tommorow if they said that we could, to get him and bring him home.

I just miss him....it has been six and a half months since we first saw his face---all this time we have been doing everything as fast as we can on our end to get him home....yet...he still waits....and so do we.

I hope that we hear something soon....my heart can't take it much longer. It has been 64 days since our paper work was sent. We have found out that it has been approved (yay!), but is now in the "matching room"--where I would guess they match our papers to Samuels's papers. So maybe......somewhere in China, at least our paperwork is together!!

We hope to hear very soon.....

Pray for Samuel tonight----that he is warm, that he is fed, and that someone there is loving him until we can.....