Ughh! · April 30, 2009
@#@$!@ SWINE FLU!!!!
no news is bad news.... 2009-04-30 07:51:43.0

Well- this is not the post that I had been planning on making---I fully thought that my next post would include travel dates and a date that we would be holding our baby boy. It is not to least not in this post. Reason??? This gosh darn stinking swine flu!!! I am still working out the rumors that are flying--but from what I have heard so far-- no Travel Approvals will be issued for awhile until they can get a better understanding of this emerging "pandemic".

I think that China is still reeling from Sars a few years back--but seriously??? Are you freaking kidding me that this is happening right now---when we thought we would be leaving possibly in the next week or two??

I will keep everyone updated as we find out more---but suffice it to say--we are really sad today. Please pray for us--and our sweet baby--that has no idea about any of this nonsense--but most certainly is still longing to be held and loved by a family. HIS family. We love him so much...and feel like this is some sort of bad joke. He--and the rest of the babies waiting do not deserve to wait one more day--much less months..(gasp!!) more!!

Just look at the latest pic that we got of him---that beautiful face. This was taken for his Visa---just a couple weeks ago. I think he looks sad that we aren't there yet too---and oh so beautiful!!

Say a prayer, or send a good wish our way--

we could use it!!!