All that worry for NOTHIN'!!! · May 06, 2009

Our Travel Approval Is Here!!!!

We are going to CHINA!!!!

2009-05-06 12:31:20.0

Well- we (or should I say I....) got so worked up over everything going haywire with the swine flu---and poof! We got the call from our agency -BAAS--who is awesome by the way....that our Travel Approval arrived today!!! Our agency will call China tonight to schedule our Consulate Appointment--and then we can make our airfare. We are hoping to leave May 22nd--and arrive home on June 3rd!

Now that our baby boy is just a couple of weeks seems surreal--just pinch me! We are so excited to meet him, hold him, love him!!! Ohhhh we are just plain excited!!!

Our oldest kids are coming with us--they are 10 and 6- so this will be quite the experience for them! Hannah--our 10 year old travelled with us last year when we adopted her sister Hope--so she knows the ropes--but it is all new to Joseph! I think it will be the experience of a lifetime!!

We get to go to Chongqing first--also known as one of the four "furnaces" of China! Hot and humid! And they are also known for their spicy food--and something called a Hot Pot is a local treat--sort of like a crock pot full of yummy dumplings,veggies and meat!

We are so excited to visit the Chongqing Zoo--it is supposed to be amazing--this is where alot of the Chinese Pandas originate from. It seems to be a hands on zoo--so the kids will be so excited to see it!

Then onto Guangzhou the second week--we will stay at the White Swan--same as last year. We loved it there--also very warm--but not as rainy as Chongqing!

We are on cloud nine--and will let you know the confirmed dates as soon as we know them!!

Thanks for all the well-wishes!! If you stop by our site--please leave a note! We will be printing this all out for Samuel's Lifebook--so he can see just how loved and wanted he was!!