Our Itinerary! · May 08, 2009

Airline tickets-check!

Babysitters lined up-check!

Suitcases (almost) packed- check!

Travel Approval in hand- check!

Butterflies in stomach--Double CHECK!!

TRAVEL ITINERARY! 2009-05-08 11:56:12.0

And here is what our trip looks like!!! How exciting!! There will also be a Dragon Boat Festival in Chongqing while we are there--so we will plan on riding along the Yangtze River on a Dragon Boat one day!! This might beat the Rickshaw rides on Hope's adoption trip!! HaHa!!Please check in on our trip--and leave a note! It feels so far from home when you are there--and the support of those afar means so much!!

Much love!!

5-23, arriving in Chongqing from Shanghai via CA406 (17:40/20:10), meet guide at Chongqing airport and check in JW Marriott Chongqing

5-24, rest

5-25, meeting with Yang Fu Chen

5-26, Proceeding with adoption registration and notary

5-27, sightseeing Jie Fang Bei Pedestrian Street

5-28, visiting Hu Guang Hui Guan and E Ling Park

5-29, visiting Dazu Grotto Art (optional)

 5-30, rest

 5-31, visiting the zoo

6-1, receiving Yang Fu Chen's passport, fly from Chongqing to Guangzhou via CA4341(16:30/18:15), meet guide at Guangzhou airport, check in White Swan Hotel

 6-2, physical exam, visiting Liu Rong Ci Temple

6-3, applying for visa, visiting the Pedestrian Street

6-4, visiting Liu Hua Hu Lake park, picking up the visa

6-5, flying from Guangzhou to Shanghai via CZ3609 leaving Guangzhou at 9:00 a.m.