New Year's Eve · December 31, 2007
New Year's Eve! 2007-12-31 20:43:34.0

Happy New YEAR TO ALL!! I am sitting here- (total nerd) at 11:30 New Years Eve- pondering little Hope.  We just came from a neighbors party where all the kids had hats, horns, tattoos- and rung in the New Year at 10pm (shhhh- don't tell them!!:) I am imagining little Hope joining in the fun next year.  Running around with chocolate dripping off her chin like the others and laughing out loud at how great it is to be with so many friends.  It seems so far away right now- I just wish that when you said that you were ready to accept a child- they would get your paperwork, review quickly, and get these kids home!!! It just feels like a little piece of my heart is missing this year.  For those who have not adopted before- I guess how I can relate it is that it feels like when your child has been away for a night or two- something is missing in your home.  As full as our home is- we are just missing our little Hope!

Pray for patience for me my friends- it is not a trait that I have ever come by easily!!! Your posts to us have been so heartwarming- it is an amazing feeling knowing that there are so many of you that support our journey- We love hearing from you!!  We will save this blog on disc for Hope so that she will see how loved she was- even before she was met!!  Please leave us any thoughts that you might have......

God Bless...and happy, happy new year!!!

And a Happy New Year's day to you Hope- God Bless you!! We promise that 2008 will be a wonderful year for all of us!!!!