POEM FOR HOPE>>>>>>>>>> · January 04, 2008
My dreams of Hope 2008-01-04 18:25:24.0

Here is an attempt at a poem for my angel Hope............


I had a dream of you last night curled warmly in your bed-

You cheeks were pink, with lashes long and black hair framed your dear head-

You awoke with a cry- a frightened start- you were scared in the dark night-

"Mama is near- don't worry now- it will be alright"

I watch you sleep- each little breath with tears within my eyes-

this little girl from a world away- within my heart she lies.

I lay awake now- the dream is gone- but soon it will come true!

In a few short months your mom and dad will rush to get to you.

In our arms you'll safely lie- a family of your own-

what a blessing for all of us- our family will have grown.

Now as you sleep tonight- dream of your mother here-

she dreams of you and in our dreams we meet- I will wipe every tear.

Good night, God bless, my darling Hope- we will come get you soon.

Until then-our dreams can meet up in the stars and  the silvery moon.