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"An invisible red thread connects all who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break. "

-An Ancient Chinese belief

I thought that it would be fun to help you learn a little more about Hope! I am going to include information that was sent to us about her!  It will really help you capture her spirit! It will tell where she was found- and the details surrounding.  It also gives what she eats, how she sleeps- all sort of neat things!!  So here it is for your reading pleasure!!!

Name: Xi He XU

Date of Birth: Sept. 13, 2005 (estimated)

Favorite food: yogurt and cookies

Favorite toy: stuff animals and blocks

The origin of the child:

A citizen found a female baby abandoned in Wuxi City on September 20, 2005 and then repoted to Dongbeitang Police station. A policeman received the report and went to the location at once.  The policeman tried to find her biological parents, but failed, and then affirmed that she was an abandoned baby. She was sent to the Wuxi Social Welfare agency on the same day. When she arrived here initially she was wearing a light blue top. There were formula and a bottle with her.  She was a low birth weight infant ( about 4 pounds). Her mind was clear, her breath was normal and mental status common.  The muscle tension of her limbs was good. We named her Xi He Xu. She was found healthy and sent to the healthy baby room.

Growth status of the child:

When Xi he Xu arrived her health atatus was common. We often teased and held her. When she was 6 months old she became happy seeing toys. She could gaze at people coming into the room. When she was 9 months old, she had her 1st tooth. She was able to crawl after the caregivers-she was interested in all things around her. When she was 15 months old- she had 4 teeth. Her fingers were nimble. She could pick up food w/ her hands to eat. She was able to walk steadily and run. She could go upstairs and downstairs holding railing under caregivers watch.  She knew her name. She liked showing herself.  She had initial self-consciousness. She knew she was a girl. She could take off her clothes w/ and adults help. She fell asleep herself.  She would like sharing toys.She entered the Diam Diam classs on May 2007.  She is very active and restless.  She likes learning and is very curious to new things. She likes attending different kinds of groups such as musical games and sports. She is polite and gets along well w/ other kids. She can wash her hands herself and understands teachers daily directions. He xu is a very good child and likes learning. She can learn skills and knowledge which the teacher teaches very quickly. She is smart and alert. She often gets praise from the others. She is a hardworking child. She would like to spend more time on practice to get bigger progress than the others. He xu's all developments are balanced. She is active lovely and out going.

She lives together w/ 20 other kids.

her routine:

6:00 get up

6:30 breakfast-usually milk,congee and dim sum. free activity until 8:30

8:45 exercise class

9:00 cognition class

9:50 drink water eat fruit have snack

10:00 take a walk outside or exercise

10:30 prepare for lunch- usually vegetables, meat, soup and a small bowl of rice.

11;30 nap about 2 hrs.

14:00 get up drink water eat snacks then free activity and games

1600 back to her bedroom

16:30 supper (same as lunch)

watch tv or read after supper

20:00 go to sleep -drink milk before sleep

Hexu is a good sleeper and emotional stability.  She likes to suck her fingers to fall asleep.

Other words used to describe Hope:

active, restless, fond of imitating, fond of listening to music, having a ready smile, fond of playing games, fairly extroverted, obstinate sometimes, energetic.


 As of Oct. 16,2007 Hope was 24 lbs and 31 1/2 inches- tiny- but not bad considering she started out at 4lbs!

Charlie- my youngest who turns two next week is 35 1/2 inches and 32 lbs- so he will be a giant next to her!!  A great protective big brother!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Hope- If you weren't in love w/ her by looking at her pictures- we're sure that you are now!!! :-)

Will update again soon!!!

Amy & Darrin XOXOXO