Quick Update · January 14, 2008
Quick update on Hope!! 2008-01-14 05:47:34.0

Hi Everyone!  I am just sending out a quick update- we are still waiting on our LOA (letter of approval)- however, a family that has the same info to China as us- got their LOA last Monday.  They are about 3 weeks ahead of us- meaning their Log In Date in China was 10/24/07- ours is 11/14/07.  If all goes according to plan- we should hear something in the next two weeks!! (please God!!)

The reason we want to hear sooner rather than later is that the Chinese New Year celebration is starting on Feb. 7th- through the 21st.  Most Goverment offices all but close down during this period, so if we don't hear something before the 7th- we will wait till the end of Feb. If we here something before then there is a good chance for us to travel in March!! That would be awesome!!

SO- as always- we need lots of prayers!!

Also- thank you, thank you to all who have signed our guest book- it means so much to us!!  We have such an amazing group of family and friends- we are truly, truly blessed!!!  And for those that haven't signed it yet- SIGN IT!!! haha!!  We want  Hope to see all the great people that supported us on her journey! It has taken the love of so many of you to get to where we are!! SO leave a quick note for her if you have time- it would mean alot!!!

Above is a picture from the lot of our new house- b/c we don't have enough going on- we are building a house too!! LOL-!!

All our love......Darrin, Amy & kids XOXOXOOXOXO