Hope's special need · January 21, 2008
Hope deferred makes my heart sick, but when my desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.- PROVERBS 13:12 2008-01-21 11:50:45.0

Hi everyone!! Well- we still have no news- and let me tell you- we have been waiting 69 days (not like we are counting or anything!!) and it is not getting easier!!  I think now that the distraction of the holidays and our birthdays in the family- last week Caroline turned 4 and Charlie turned 2!! we are just sitting tapping our toes waiting for the phone to ring from our agency!!!  I am not good at waiting and I am also a planner by nature- so not be able to get everything ready and organized is making me a little nutty!!!

I just don't want to start shopping for Hope- or getting her room ready until we have final word. Not that we are anticipating any problems- but I don't want to jinx anything!! I just am so ready to hold her and touch her precious face that it is killing me that only a piece of paper is stopping us from getting on a plane! All in God's time......

Well- b/c I have no exciting news to post I thought that I would provide some info on Hope''s special need!  We have had alot of questions about it so I thought that I could help w/ what we know!  Our Dr's think that she has something called Amniotic band syndrome.  Here is a link that explains it better than I can:


It is not hereditary and is not associated w/ any cognitive problems- it's just plain old bad luck!! We were confident that she would be able to manage just fine w/ out any immediate surgeries- her hands function well and from the pictures she looked steady on her feet- but when we got her video we noticed that she walked on her tip toes- primarily on the left tip toe.  I am not sure why- I have heard that webbing can cause you to do that- so I am hoping that is why.  It looks like we may need some immeadiate solution to that problem however- through therapy or sugery- it will remain to be seen!!  I have joined an incredible group called adopting children w/ limb differences- they have provided so much information and really put my mind at ease!!! I am fully confident that Hope will have fully functional hands and feet- that she will be able to do anything her little heart desires!!!

Our only sadness is that we do not want one second of pain for this sweet angel!  We would love to put off any medical treatments (surgical) for as long as possible!! 

We, again ask for lots of prayers- mostly for Hope- that she is being loved and hugged and cared for well until we can get her!!!  We only have 2 weeks until Chinese New Year starts- please pray we hear before then!!!!!

Thanks for reading, and for signing our guestbook- we have cried at several of your sweet messages to us!!!

We will post again soon!!!