Hope's Stuff!! · February 23, 2008
What awaits her.... 2008-02-23 06:00:26.0

Ok- so I was so excited that we put up Hope's crib- that I had to share!!Here are a few photos of her crib and some other cute stuff we got her! She will be in a crib in our room- until we move to our new house in September and then she and Caroline will share a room. I was originally going to put Charlie in with Joseph and then give Hope the nursery- but I thought that might be alot for Charlie to handle- new sister-new room- probably best to not mess with his great sleeping habits!  Also- I admit it- I want Hope as close to us as possible!!! We have alot of time to make up for- including that bonding time in the beginning where you cuddle in the middle of the night!!

Lots of you are asking- "Does she still sleep in a crib?" Well- the truth is- I have no idea!! I just thought that she is so tiny- and a big bed would seem overwhelming!!

Also- exciting news- Some people from our agency that recived their Letters of Approval 1 week before us got their Travel Approvals last week and will be Leaving March 6th!! Our agency thinks that we should hear very soon- probably next week and then leave within two weeks- I can hardly sleep at this point I am so excited!!!

Say some prayers that we hear next week!!

Love to all!!XOXOOXXOOX