the wait of a lifetime.... · February 29, 2008
still waiting...... 2008-02-29 16:20:06.0

You know that saying " a watched pot never boils" - well I've discovered that a watched phone doesn't ring!!  I have been asked by a dear friend of mine (Jeff) to give an update- apparently I have left alot of you hanging!! Well- the reality is that there is nothing to report.  While I fully expected to have our travel approval this week- and possibly meet our little Hope on St. Patrick's is not to be.

Alas...I will wait again and have hope (no pun intended) in next week!  This is very much out of my control which makes it very hard.  I just have an overwhelming feeling of sadness as each day reaches its close, and I realize that we do not have word. 

Every day that we don't hear something is another day that our baby will sit in an orphanage. Every day that we do not hear something is one more day that I will miss with my baby.  Every day that we don't hear something is another day that I will not rock our darling to sleep and kiss her sweet face. It truly is excruciating.  I know alot of you say that this process has moved very quickly- and it has, but when you know that your child is waiting, hours can seem like years.  I guess the thought of waiting through another weekend has gotten to me!

Please, please- those of you on my prayer patrol- I need extra one's this coming week! This is the last step.......then we make our plans to get our angel home!!

One great thing that I do have to look forward to- is that my dear,dear friends are throwing me a baby shower for Hope next week!! I am sooo excited and extremely grateful! This is above and beyond- since Hope is my Fifth child!!! SO I will post pics after next Wednesday!  It is truly the support of friends and my fellow adoptive moms that are going through this with me that I am staying somewhat sane!!

Fingers are crossed for next week.......I hope to be posting great news soon!!

Amy & DarrinXOOXOXO