CHINA BOUND BABY!!!! · March 13, 2008
We're coming Hope!!!! 2008-03-13 17:53:10.0

The wait is finally over- at 5:27 pm tonight, my agency called and told us that we have Travel Approval for China!!! They are trying to get a consulate appointment for April 8th- which is at the end of our trip- so that would have us leaving 2 weeks from today- March27th!!!! WOOHOO!! Truly- one of the best days of my life today- I can feel the stress of the past 6 weeks melting away as now I know that my dreams of holding my sweet girl in my arms will be realized in just a couple of weeks.  The actual day that we would be united as a family would be Monday, March 31st. 3/31/08.....a day that will change our lives the absolute BEST way!!

Thank you for all of your prayers- they have been working!! We will update you with the exact dates as soon as we know them- within one week!!

Hope- my darling girl....mommy is coming to get you soon, soon I will rock you in my arms, I will see you smile, know your little two year old sounds, hear your cry, your giggle, your breath as you sleep, I will hold you when you wake, and kiss you as you sleep......I will be your mommy, forever and ever.