And we've got a ticket to ride..... · March 19, 2008
Flights booked! 2008-03-19 03:55:31.0

Ok- Can any of you believe it....we have flights booked to go to China, and once there, get our baby that is waiting. Dinellos- in China, getting a BABY!! WHAT??? It is really hitting us now- and all of the sudden it is all moving at a very fast we are going to be there in eight days! We seriously can't believe it and  feel very much like we are having an out of body experience!! We are 80% excited beyond belief, but that other 20% is gut-wrenching fear and anxiety right now, and let me tell ya- it is kicking our butt!! The anxiety for me has nothing to do with Hope. I have such a peace about her, and feel so prepared and ready for anything that comes my way...the fear is leaving Joseph, Caroline and Charlie behind.  The most we have ever been away from them is about 4 days...and we missed them terribly by the 4th day and could not wait to get home.....

We will be gone 15 days!! Yikes!! Ok- what we have to remember is that they will be having a blast here at home- and will be in the capable hands of an awesome babysitter and friend, and their grammy and several friends that are filling in here and there. THEY will be fine, we, on the other hand might just have a full-blown anxiety attacks as we leave for the airport!! LOL

Soooooo-pray for us,again, that we will have ultimate faith replace our fear!! PLEASE!

Also... to the matter at hand- we are leaving Thursday, March 27th and returning Friday Aprill 11th...we will be posting while we are please check in!! We will post our itinerary as soon as we get it so that you can see what we are up to!

Thanks for reading......8 more days...........