READY AS WE'LL EVER BE....... · March 22, 2008
Ramblings by us..... 2008-03-22 04:32:47.0

Well- we are finally feeling ready to go.....bags packed, kids schedule's written up, travel approval in hand, hotels booked.....we are set!! Also- we are feeling a bit better about everything in general. I think that the initial shock of having to pick up and leave in 1 1/2 weeks was overwhelming, but now that our ducks are in a row, we feel great and trepidation has been replaced by extreme excitement!! We will be holding our little girl in just 9 days!! Incredible!

I have put in pictures of the Travel Approval that was sent to us- it is such a beautiful piece of paper- I wish that we didn't have to give it away!!  Look at our girl's cute pic in the corner! What a sad little face! Hopefully we will be bringing her lots of smiles soon!

So- thank you for all the support- you have all been so great in helping us prepare for this journey of a lifetime! Next I will post our complete itinerary- as soon as I get it, so you will know that we are up to. Remember it is 12 hours later than east coast USA.

Love to all........Amy & Darrin