On the Homefront

Washing my car is fun!

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Mia Update! May 05, 2007
The "ladies in waiting" at home will be posting updates and thoughts here as we go through this journey together.  First and foremost, we have a praise report:  Mia's numbers related to her relapsing kidney disease returned to normal just as the rest of our family was landing in China.  Go God!!!  Could the Lord's plans for this trip be any clearer???  As you can see from this photo, her swelling is almost completely gone and she even had enough energy to get outside for a little bit:  that's amazing progress!  Thanks for your continued prayers that the Lord continues to heal her body and that her energy will return, also protection from illness as she is on 2 different immunosuppressant medicines right now that put her at risk.  But we cling to Him and know that our God, "in whose hand are your lifebreath and all your ways" (Daniel 5:23) is in complete control and trustworthy. 
Mia is waking up from her nap. . . more later!