On the Homefront
June 11, 2008
Details coming after the boxes are unpacked or at least until I can find my hairbrush!  HA!  Trying to keep cool in Cary, NC . . .
Lossings in Limbo-Land January 31, 2008

We are unemployed, hopefully soon-to-be homeless (by the sale of our current home) and still praising the Lord!  We just returned from visiting good friends in SC and then spending a week in NC for a job and house hunting trip.  Please keep us in your prayers as we await God's timing for this next adventure in our lives!

 Things have been in such a state of flux that we haven't posted in a while.  And we won't be able to be specific until more of the details are finalized.  The quick update is that John felt the Lord leading him to resign from his position with IMS Health just before Thanksgiving.  We are focusing relocation efforts to a few cities in North Carolina (Charlotte, Raleigh) and just returned from a week exploring the Raleigh area -- what a beautiful and green place!  God spoke to us very specifically while there and we can't wait to fill you in on the details.  In the meantime, we continue to free-fall as we await the final job offer and sale of our home to determine our next step.

A Weekend With LiMin's Family October 16, 2007
We just spent a weekend at Bluebird Hill with Jonathan's best friend from the orphanage LiMin and his family.  We had a ball and will post photos and a full debrief soon.  It was so neat to see old friends reunited and such a treat to meet LiMin's Dad Phil for the first time and be able to visit with their special family.  More later!
Lineker & Amy's Baby is Here! September 28, 2007
We are so thrilled for the arrival of Lineker & Amy's baby!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  (They gave us permission to post their announcement).  Please check out the details and photos under "Family Photos".
He's a Champ! September 25, 2007
Things are going so well that there is not much to report.  Jonathan is up and about and has been since a few days after coming home.  No one could guess that he ever had heart surgery!  He still gets tired out and a bit emotionally fragile by dinnertime, but his demeanor is wonderful overall.  He is such a champ!  Some of you have asked about school for him.  He will be starting first grade at Sterling Elementary probably in a few weeks once he has had a little more time to heal completely.  The Lord has given us an angel for a teacher, Angela Tessier.  She has been at the school for a couple of years, is young, sharp, beautiful, energetic, sweet and so understanding of our situation.  She even volunteered to be the teacher to provide Homebound Services for him one hour everyday at our home after school while he recovers.  It's no wonder Jonathan declares whenever the topic of school comes up, "I LIKE-A Ms. Tessier!" 

Once he starts school, he will be getting about 2.5 hours per day of ESL (English as a Second Language) assistance to get him caught up on reading and writing.  Jonathan only had one day per week of "school" in his orphanage, and only knew a few English words and letters when we got him in May.  His converational English acquisition has been phenomenal, and we can take no credit.   Thank You Lord for answered prayer!

Mia's kidney disease continues to be in remission on drug therapy and we are so thankful as we can rest in that for now.  Next May (or later) could get challenging as we attempt to wean her off her medications. again.  Please continue to pray for complete healing of her kidneys, that she could "grow out" of her kidney disease and be medicine and symptom-free next year.  All glory to God for her sustained health!

Sophie started private speech therapy this week as she has a moderate speech and language disorder.  She has some challenges with receptive and expressive communication, as well as articulation.  We are also on a parallel track with getting similar evaluations through the county to see if they would qualify her for free services, but we weren't willing to wait until next year which is probably when they would get around to deciding whether or not she will qualify.  We are also concerned that she may have some sensory processing issues so we will be looking into an occupational therapy evaluation in the near term.  We will also be starting attachment therapy in October for 9 weeks.  This will be addressing many issues: her attachment to objects over people, her lack of trust of us as evidenced by repeated questioning and constantly trying to control her environment, her irrational fears of noises, etc.  We are hopeful that some of this early intervention will get her on track by the time she starts kindergarten.  I guess she figured, with all her brother and sister's health issues, that she needed to get on the radar screen somehow!  HA!

Both girls are loving Kids Under Construction preschool at Sterling UMC.  They attend 9a-12n Tuesday and Thursdays and are in 2 separate classes.  They also take a ballet class together on Wednesdays.  Sophie seems to be geared toward gymnastics -- she is often caught hanging on the ballet barre like a monkey, but Mom is holding off on chauffeuring to multiple classes as long as possible!  Jonathan is making it clear that he needs a class too but we haven't figured that out yet.  NO, I will not be putting him in ballet!  (Although maybe I could teach him at home -- just joking!)

We are indebted to all of you for your continued prayers and support.  We couldn't do this without your going to the Throne on our behalf.  Thank you so much!