May 25, Home Sweet Home · May 24, 2007
Home Sweet Home 2007-05-24 23:05:24.0

Paducah KY and Metropolis IL. never looked sooo good. Then to walk into the airport and see our family and friends waiting, it was wonderful. I bet that's a little glimmer of how it feels to get to heaven!!!    Gracie is doing pretty good, we all are still working out the time zone thing.  I can't thank you enough for everyone's prayers and support it helped us so much being so far away from home.  From here our new lives begin and we're ready.  God gave us a special gift, a gift that could mend hearts that had been broken.  Gracie fits right into the family and I think once she figures everything out she'll be quite a live wire!!! LOL!  I'll continue to update new pictures of our family on the website if anyone ever wants to take a peek.  We love you all.  If anyone wants to see her stop by!!  Again I want to be a resource for anyone that is considering adoption we'll be glad to answer any questions!!

In Christ,

Tim, Patty, Broc, Gracie and Faith (every other weekend)!!!!