A Tribuite to My Dad · August 02, 2007
My Dad 2007-08-02 06:23:07.0
My father passed away July 21st, two days after his 66th birthday.  Our family was sadded and shocked.  Dad had always had back problems but I guess for some reason we all thought he would live into his eighty's.  I just feel very honored to have had a wonderful Christian father like him.  He taught me so much, he always had an answer to everything.  It's the little things you miss when a family member passes away.  I just miss him answering the phone, he would never talk to long but always made sure we were all doing ok and then he would get mom.  I can only hope that at the end of my life I have such a tribuite to life and Christ as he did.  His belief in God, our family, our country and that most people are good were all things he based his life on.  Dad's greatest wittness was his family, mom and the preacher shared that he love to testify about his family being such a blessing to him, I hope he knew that he was also a blessing to us!!!  I think he did.  We have the peace and comfort of knowing that he is with our Heavenly Father and we will see him again some day.  Until that time we have wonderful memories of a precious husband, father, grandfather and friend.