God's Hand Over Our Adoption · March 21, 2007
God's Hand Over Our Adoption 2007-03-21 19:55:43.0
We received an update on little Gracie this past week. She is now 31.5 inches tall and weighs 24lbs.  She likes to play with dolls, she is outgoing, not afraid of anything, can be soothed with food(does she fit in our family or what), she is a very happy child, likes to play with other children and can say a few words.  She sounds like a typical toddlar running, jumping, playing.  Oh by the way she is potty trained!!  When they found Gracie she only had a blanket on and they had to guess her age from her medical exam.  The day she was brought to the orphanage it was drizzling rain, when she got there as soon as one of the nannies got her she smiled.  They thought that was wonderful and wanted her to always remember that day so they named her Si Yu, meaning remembering rain.  It is just amazing to me that God had this wonderful child planned just for us.  I can't imagine what her parents went through having to give her up but, they loved her very much and knew she needed medical help that they could not provide.  When we first started the adoption process I did not want to go to China.  I decided it was too far from home.  We started in 2 other countries and things were very bumpy, it just didn't seem like we were meant to adopt.  Then we decided on China, Gracie's picture came on the waiting child list and it's all been so smooth!!  That's because this is the child God picked for us.  Pray for us as we contiue our journey.