Travel Plans · April 15, 2007
Travel Plans April 15, 2007

On March 29th, 2007 we received our offical travel approval from the CCAA.  This means we can go and get Gracie.  We have been making plans ever since we got the notice.  Our CA or consulate appointment is May 21, the is when Gracie gets her Visa.  We will be leaving Fri. May 11th and will be in Henan by Sunday May13, our offical Gotcha day to get Gracie will be May 14th.  We will stay in Henan that week to complete her adoption.  We will be touring, doing paperwork and visiting Gracie's orphanage.  On that Fri. we will leave Henan to return to Guangzhou(my spelling is bad).  There Gracie will have her medical exam, consulate appointment and we will attend a swearing in ceremony(where we promise to be good parents)!!  We are staying at the White Swan and this is suppose to be a special treat.  We will also be doing quite a bit of shopping!! YEAH!!  We are flying Northwest airlines and get to leave out of Paducah, another YEAH!!  When we started looking at what day Gotcha day was, it is actually the same day that we brought Faith Nicole home for the hospital.  She was brought home on the 13th and since China is 13 hrs. ahead of us it would be the same day.  God is AMAZING!!  I can't thank all of our family, friends and adoption agency enough for helping us make this happen!!