May 15th, CHINA SAYS SHE'S OURS!! · May 15, 2007
May 15th, CHINA SAYS SHE'S OURS 2007-05-15 01:05:02.0
I don't even know where to begin, today was so wonderful.  We completed the adoption and the supervisor of the SWI gave me pictures of Gracie with all of the workers and her friends, a priceless gift.  She told me that they thought Gracie was very beautiful.  She also told me that she thought we were a blessing to Gracie that she got to be in our family, and she thought Gracie would be happy.  I told her that it is Gracie that is the blessing to us.She has worked so hard for Gracie to respond to us she'll say mommy and point to me, then daddy and point to Tim and then she always adds in big brother.   We then had a swearing in ceremony where we promised never to abandone her again or abuse her.  Well as usual I started crying again, thinking that this wonderful child had been abandone once is mind shattering.  We also met another couple from Holland who are adopting one of Gracie's friends he is a sweetie too, we will all be going to the SWI together on Thursday.  After the ceremony we went out to celebrate with our sweet guide Maggie and our driver.  He took us to a wonderful place for lunch where we got to try many Chinese dishes, nothing like home guys it's very good!!!!  Also let me add how wonderful our adoption agency Heritage has been Vivian and Vicki are the bomb.  Then it extends to China, our guide, our driver and Kathy have been wonderful.  Kathy got me through a little crisis today!!!!   Ok more about Gracie.  Broc your going to love her.  She sings little Chinese songs and I believe her auntie said it was the abc song.  She eats all of the time so there's no problems that way.  She likes to draw, she shares everything she has how sweet when she's never had anything.  I think her a Faith will get along fine.  She still isn't coming to me.  It got a little better but when she saw everyone at the SWI she regressed some she was very happy at the time but again wants nothing to do with me.  It's very hard on Tim right now as he's pretty sick with an upper respiratory illiness. One last funny thing the last office that we had to go to we had to walk up 6 flights of steps!!!!   Can we all say diet!! LOL!  I'm going to post more pictures from today.  Thanks for everyone signing the guest book with all of the encouragement plus the prayers, it really pulls you through.