May 17, Our Visit to LuoHe · May 17, 2007
Our Visit to LuoHe 2007-05-17 06:57:43.0

Today we got to go to the orphanage where Gracie lived.  It took us about 2 hours to get there.  I really enjoyed seeing the country side.  When we arrived at the SWI everyone was outside and it seemed very official.  We went inside to a nice room and got to meet the director, the supervisor, I believe a gentleman from civil affairs and some of the staff that sit behind them.  The would ask us questions and Maggie would translate everything back and forth.  I really feel like they are trying so hard to take good care of the children but need additional resources.  We were able to take them formula and an microwave and they were so grateful.  When we got to the building where the children and aunties were several of them were crying very hard, they hated to see Gracie go.  She was so loved there.  She was glad to see everyone but when they tried to put her back in the bed she slept in she didn't want any part of it!!!  The SWI treated us to another wonderful Chinese meal, we were in our own seperate room.  The center piece of the table spun around and they just kept bringing more and more food.  Tim learned to use chop sticks.  The supervisor of the SWI held Gracie and Tim really got to eat a whole meal!!  She's warming up to me but I still can't hold her.  Well, I know everyone wants the pictures.  After the visit to the SWI I really realize how blessed we are.  I also want to say if anyone has room for adoption in their heart these children need homes!!  Oh Broc the supervisor of the SWI said your a very handsome boy!! :)