June 21, 2007 Patty's Dad Very Sick · June 21, 2007
Patty's Dad Very Sick 2007-06-21 20:05:07.0
What an emotional roller coaster.  Gracie is doing wonderful she grows more every day!!  I don't feel like I've ever been without her, it's so weird.  During the wait I didn't think it would ever end and now that I think back I'm like wow it didn't seem long at all.  I think you can only say that once your child is home!! LOL!!  My father became very ill last week and is now in Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis.  He's on a ventilator and they can't seem to get his fever down right now.  I miss hearing his voice so bad right now I just can't stand it.  Once he gets better he'll never rember what happened(due to the drugs they are giving him) but our family sure will!!  We'll get Faith this weekend so hopefully the girls will decide that they can love and live together!!  Broc comes home from church camp, I've missed him!!  He helps me out so much and keeps me company, I'm blessed to have such a wonderful family!!