Pre China News · June 26, 2007
We are going to China!!!! July 09, 2007
We got confirmation today that our Consulate Appointment with the US govt. has been confirmed for July 30th! This means we will be departing for Beijing on the 19th of July. We will be there until the 22nd and then we head to Nanchang. Gotcha Day, or the day we get Jaida, will be either that day, the 22nd, or the 23rd! We then fly to Guangzhou on the 27th for our Consulate Appt. and then we depart for home on August 1st! It feels like a dream that we will finally get to hold the child we have loved for SO long now! We welcome any and all prayers for safe travel and to be the Lord's representatives in a country where Christianity is in the minority. We will journal while we are over there so please check here for pictures and notes on ourJourney To Jaida!
Ta's Today!!!! July 05, 2007
TA's came today, Hip Hip Hooray!!!! We have been waiting now for the past month, yes, again with the waiting, to get Travel Approval(TA) from China! That arrived today and our agency is now confirming our Consulate appt.,more waiting, and then off we go to get our daughter! They have set our tentative date of departure as July 19th, 2007! We have flights on hold and now we WAIT one more time for our confirmation and then we are set to go! This is the last big step before we have her in our arms. Praise be to God! What awesome timing-we will be back before school starts with about a week to spare! God is Good indeed!!!!!!
Julia's Story : By Julia Hatcher age 8 June 26, 2007


One cold December morning you lay there trembling, far away, in an orphanage with no one to love. The only thing you wished for was a mother.You started to cry but nobody picked you up.Then you heard footsteps nearby, you had a little hope but soon the sound disappeared. Sadly, the happiest moment for you every day was when you got fed but today someone picked you up and carried you to a room that you had never been in. It was filled with babies, and strange people that you had never seen before. The strange people looked different. The lady that picked you up, you knew very well and you hoped for a hug but instead she gave you to one of the strange people. It looked like a lady, it was. You started to cry when I held you in my arms, but you stopped when I said, "daughter". You smiled for the first time because you knew what I was, a mother.