January January 10, 2008

Hayden had a wonderful Christmas in Austin with all of his grandparents.  Nana and Pop came to visit from North Carolina, and Nannie, Ashley, and Granddaddy came in from Houston.  Hayden received many nice gifts, and he especially enjoyed climbing on top of the boxes! 

Hayden is into everything these days--he and Daddy love to wrestle on the big bed, and they carry on and laugh up a storm.  He loves to play chase with Mommy while she changes his diaper, and he is FAST.  He laughs and darts away with amazing speed and agility.  His favorite song these days is "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands," and he claps along and also claps our hands for us as well.  Hayden will follow some directions and will put something on his head if you tell him to, and he loves to repeat after Mommy and Daddy when we use words he can say (like "big big boy").  He really likes to play with balls--luckily we have tons of soft footballs, basketballs, golf balls, soccer balls, etc.  He throws them to us and will wait for us to roll them back to him.  Hayden has a funny little sense of humor and is a very determined little boy; he not only looks just like Drew, he has his personality as well! 

Update December 18, 2007

We will now post pictures monthly, as poor Drew has been managing our pictures for a year now all on his own and needs a little break before baby #2 arrives!  We plan to name her Hadley Ann, and she is due on May 10, 2008. 

Hayden just moved up at school to the 12-18 month room, and there he is taking one nap a day on a mat on the floor, eating cafeteria food at the table, drinking from his sippy cup, and walking around in his new big boy shoes.  He is getting to be a good little walker, but he's gotten a few bumps and bruises along the way.  He says about 7 words these days--his favorites are uh-oh, bye-bye, mama, abby, pop-pop, kitty (kee), and cat.  He never seems to stop moving and is always on the go.  Hayden also loves to ride in his car seat facing front...there is much for him to see that way.  Hayden is such a happy boy!