First week of school August 29, 2010
Drew survived the first week of school, it was a great success.  And the kids and I made it through our planning week at preschool.  Hayden and Hadley were really troopers to be up at school with me all 5 days this past week while I got my classroom in order, lesson planned, and went to meetings.  On Monday Hayden had his first day of gymnastics, which he loved.  Hadley was a good girl and played with toys and books while he had his lesson.  Tuesday was Hayden's first day of speech at Parker with Mrs. Stuckey, his speech therapist.  Again, Hadley was great and played quietly while we waited for Hayden.  He did very well for Mrs. Stuckey both that day and again on Friday morning when we went back again for speech.  After speech on Friday we headed up to preschool for Hadley's class party (and more planning).  We met Hadley's little friends in her class and their mommies.  Tomorrow is Hayden's class party (and gymnastics), and Tuesday is my class party, as well as Parent Orientation Night and also Hadley's first night of ballet and tap.  Everyone is busy, but we are happiest at the Houlihan house when we are busy.  Drew goes to school before the kids wake up every morning and gets home fairly late when the kids are ready for bath at night.  He is working so hard and we think he is doing a great job so far. 

Hayden is really into playing "office" and he sets up papers, 3 calculators ("computers"), scissors, stickers, crayons, and pencils, and he will sit and cut paper for a long time while Hadley naps in the afternoon. 

Hadley and Hayden both love to sing and the favorite this week is "There's a Little Wheel A Turnin' in My Heart".  We like to sing the "heart" part really loudly. 

Yesterday the kids and I took Drew's car through the car wash, and Hadley told me that I needed to find a quieter car wash because that one was too loud.  The kids love car washes but they are pretty particular about them--they like Yellow (Shell), not so much Green/Blue (Valero). 

Hayden told Nee the other day that he is going to give her our Abby Cat and he is going to have Aunt Ashley's Bailey Dog.  He is hot on the path to get rid of the cat, although he pretended he was a kitty for an hour or so this afternoon.    
Astros game and princess party August 16, 2010
Yesterday Drew and I took Hayden to his first (and Drew's first) Astros game.  Hadley stayed behind with Nee and they had a princess party at our house, with lunch, pink lemonade, cupcakes, tutus, tiaras, purses, earrings and all things Princess. 

Hayden ate an entire hotdog at the game, then we got cotton candy, which he didn't like because it was sticky, so we got a huge tub of popcorn, which he ate a tiny bit of and then moved on.  He told us he was done and wanted to go home right before the game started, so he and I went and rode the 3 levels of escalators for 45 minutes, then visited the kid zone where he played in the ball pit, got a balloon sword, and high-fived the bunny mascot.  I'm not sure why the mascot is a bunny but Hay got a kick out of him.  Then we rode the escalators for another half hour.  By then it was the 3rd inning so we got Drew and headed to the gift shop and then home.  Hayden got a red Astros cap (courtesy of Nee) to go with his jersey and we got Hadley a pink baseball hat so she won't have to wear Hayden's old nasty baseball cap anymore.  She likes to wear the pink hat with her princess earrings and her Cinderella purse full of Chex Mix.  Hadley is a snack hoarder like her brother and we find pretzels, Nillas, grahams, and club crackers stashed around in the dollhouse and in various purses.  

Today we went to swim at Nee's with Nee and Gegah, and as soon as we got in the pool, wouldn't you know a torrential rain storm hit, so we exited the pool and went to Nee's to read some books.  When we were leaving I hugged Gegah and Nee and Hayden asked me why did I hug them.   I told him it was because they were my mommy and daddy and he said an emphatic "NO, Gegah is NOT your Daddy, Daddy is our Daddy, me, BB and Mommy all have Daddy as our Daddy.  So not Gegah."  So there.  
Trap it, stuff it August 05, 2010

Today Hayden told me, "I want to throw AbbyCat in the trashcan and go to the pet store and buy a new big AbbyCat that is gray and white and black." 

VBS August 03, 2010
Hayden started VBS yesterday, hooray!  I love VBS.  He is actually taking a nap today thanks to VBS.  Hayden thinks he is giving up his nap.  Even on days when he doesn't nap, he still goes to bed at night just as late, so I'm in favor of keeping the nap.  Hadley and I have had some fun girl time together while Hayden has been at church.  She likes to pack up her purses and drag her toys all over the house.  Her new favorite bag is her ballet/tap bag.  She's really excited about taking ballet and tap this fall and she talks about her tap shoes alot.  Yesterday Hadley and I signed Hayden up for gymnastics this fall.  We are all really excited about his gymnastics and burning some more of his endless energy there!  Hayden is so much like his Daddy, he just never stops.  We had a little incident in the backyard the other day where Hayden wanted to stab a poor little frog to death with a big stick.  I think the "kill" instinct must come naturally with boys.  Drew wouldn't let him kill the frog, which of course resulted in hysteria.  Hay loves to kill bugs, but to us, frogs and bugs are a bit different.  I'm great with killing the endless tree roaches in Houston that run around like mice.   
July July 19, 2010

We're getting used to our new life here in Houston.  Hayden and Hadley and I have been driving around alot, finding new places to explore, and playing at the gym and the Chickfila.  We went to the Galleria play-area on Friday and they loved it.  Lots to climb on and hide under.  And tons of little kids.  Last weekend we saw the Finans; I didn't get any pictures of Ciara and Gabrielle and my kids, but H&H haven't stopped talking about their new friends.  We've been swimming at Nee's house several times also.  H&H love to swim.  We went to the neighborhood pool here with our nextdoor neighbors last Tuesday and they had a blast with Skylar and Sophia in the big pool and the children's area.  After the pool that day, Drew and I closed on the old house in Austin.  Whew!  Glad that is finished. 

This past weekend Hayden had his first sleepover at Nee's house ever.  He was so excited about it, and he loved every minute.  They played and had dinner and had muffins for breakfast.  It was Drew's and my first evening ever alone with our 2 year old Hadley.  She kept asking where Hayden was, but I think she liked the time alone to play peacefully and quietly.  She is such an easy child when she is on her own.  I didn't even realize how easy she was because we never split the kids up, ever.  It was certainly quiet in our house that night with one kid!  We were so happy to have our Hayden back on Sunday though, we missed him, our little bundle of energy. 

I got to have dinner with my highschool friend Lanie last Wednesday, it was so great to have a meal alone where we could talk.  She had been here to see the kids the week before which was fun too, but adult time is always nice! 

Hadley got her first haircut last week.  She got all dressed up in her tutu from Ms Jaime and her pearls from Nee.  We took her to Cool Cuts because of the horror that was Hayden's first haircut.  She sat in the little car and watched Thomas the Train and Elmo and didn't make a peep.  It looks better now, not such a mess and more even.  Then we went to Stride Rite because I was convinced that Hayden would need new shoes because his feet had grown.  Turns out his shoes were fine but Hadley had gone up 2 sizes in less than 2 months.  I felt terrible that her old shoes had been to tight and I didn't even know it.  At any rate, Hadley now has several new pairs of shoes, and Hayden will get measured again before school starts.