Sissy's Room March 27, 2008

Last week Drew set up the new nursery, moved all of the furniture around in the house, and cleaned the garage in just a few hours!  He is amazing, and luckily I wasn't there to get in the way.  With my messed up ankle and growing belly I would have been no help!  Hayden has had fun playing in "sissy's room" with his old baby toys.  He has had no problem in his new crib and doesn't seem to notice that his furniture is in her room now. 

We had a nice Easter, and Nannie came and hid the plastic eggs for Hayden to collect.  He mostly liked this annoying rabbit that plays the JellyBean Rock when you push his hand--Hayden dances and bops around to the music and plays the song over and over.  He looked nice for church, but I don't think we were able to get any decent pictures of him!  He also loves some bubbles we got and yells "bubbles!" and claps them or eats them.  Hayden also really likes the balloons they give out for free at HEB and had a good time saying balloon and dragging the balloon around the house over the weekend. 

Hayden's hair is getting kind of crazy...he probably really needs a haircut, but there is hardly any hair on top compared to the longer pieces growing in back, his baby mullet.  I will probably have to clip the back and over his ears soon, but I cannot imagine trying to make him hold still while I am holding scissors! 

One project for this weekend is to buy a stool...I am getting too big to get Hayden into his crib at night without hurting us both, so we need an extra step.  I guess that shouldn't be surprising since we only have 6 weeks to go until Hadley arrives! 

Spring Break March 17, 2008

Last week was Spring Break for AISD, so Daddy was off to NC for a visit with the boys and his parents.  Hayden and I missed him very much!  Unfortunately, Hayden had a double ear infection and bronchitis, and I had food poisoning along with Nannie, who came to visit us while Drew was out of town.  We were all a mess, but Hayden behaved beautifully in spite of his illness.  He is really into his books and especially loves the animal books so he can point out the animals and say their names and sounds--doggie is the favorite, but also kitty and cow and duck.  When you ask him what sound the cow makes he yells "BOOOOO!".  We have to spell ALOT of words so that we don't get him too excited about anything that isn't going to happen right away--saying go, socks, or shoes get him worked up to leave the house, so we use those words carefully!  Hayden has learned some sign language at school, which he has been using for months, but since I don't know sign language, we sort of just figured it out.  When he wants more dinner, he says more but he also uses the sign for extra emphasis. 

Hayden is learning to point to his tummy, nose, mouth, etc.  Tummy is his favorite.  He's been on antibiotics for a couple of weeks for the ear infections, and he is so good about taking his medicine--he loves the medicine in fact.  When he takes some, he says "Mmmmm!".  Hayden is feeding himself yogurt with a spoon, which is messy but really not that bad, considering.  Hayden seems to thrive in a group, he loves to be around people and enjoys playing independently in the middle of a busy room.  He must have developed that at school, and they say he is very good with the little babies in the infant room.  He doesn't get too rambunctious around them, and he even plays helper sometimes and helps feed the babies their bottles.  Good practice for big brother!  I am trying to spend as much time with him as possible during these last seven weeks before Hadley arrives, as the guilt is starting to set in that he is not going to get enough of my time once we have two.  Hayden is such a high-spirited little boy, and I cannot imagine how it will be when we have two children under 2!   

Drew and I were talking last night about how 2 years ago on St. Patrick's Day, I found out I was pregnant with Hayden just an hour before Drew and his dad left for India for 2 weeks.  It seems like yesterday....but what a busy two years it has been!

More words! February 29, 2008

Hayden is a jabber-box.  Ms. Ruth says that Hayden talks non-stop at school, and he is the same way at home for us.  He might take after his daddy, big surprise!  His favorite new word is "doggie", and he has taken to calling almost all animals "doggie" now, even Abby, who up until now has been Kitty or Abby or Cat.  Hayden also says "milk", and I have been trying to get him to say "meatball", which he is getting pretty good at.

Hayden and Drew like to play chase and basketball in the house--Drew dribbles this ball and gallops around, and Hayden chases him and laughs his head off.  Hayden will also go and get a specific toy out of his toy box if you ask him to.  Drew will ask him to go and get the toy golf bag out of the box, and Hayden will go and get it and bring it back to Drew.  I unfortunately taught Hayden to flush the toilet (not use the toilet--just flush) and he loves to flush repeatedly.  Hayden also LOVES to brush his teeth lately; on Saturday he brushed 3 times.  We're trying to teach Hayden to say "tummy"--he likes to pull up Drew's shirt and grab his tummy when we say it, and he also washes his tummy in the bath when I ask him to.

I can't believe he is 15 months old today.  This afternoon I went to the doctor and all is well with baby Hadley.  She is very active and has the hiccups alot, which is just how Hayden was.  We are 30 weeks along, so not too much longer to go!          

New words and tricks February 14, 2008

Hayden has some new words and new favorites these days.  He really knows his schedule and immediately waves bye bye and says "bye bye dada" as soon as I put his jacket on in the mornings before school.  Then when I put him in the highchair for breakfast at school, he waves bye bye to me, too, and sends me on my way!  When he finishes dinner (nin-nyuh still), he chants "bath, bath" and runs to the bathroom and throws the bath toys into the tub.  A funny new word he is trying to say is "monkey", but it comes out like "key key".  We've attempted to tell him about the baby, but of course he doesn't understand--we have pointed to my belly and said "baby", and he looks confused but then smiles and says "baby" back. 

He LOVES to be outside, either at the playground or in our backyard.  He picks up the rocks (most of our backyard is rocks or pool) and moves them from one side of the yard to the other.  Hayden also has a funny trick---if you sing "Where is Hayden, Where is Hayden" to him, he spins around in a circle until he gets dizzy, then sits down and laughs.   

Hayden's other trick is kissing us...we'll ask him to give us a kiss, and he'll do it but he doesn't get the whole puckering up thing--he just opens his mouth and puts it on yours.  He also loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and tries to do the hand motions that go along with it--they must sing it alot at school!  

Black eye and the Zoo January 29, 2008

We will post pictures soon!  We are a little light on pictures this month, as we forgot to take our camera to Dallas for our weekend trip there, and then Hayden got a black eye at school last week (and a fat lip on the same day).  He got going too fast and ran his face into the spaceship's wing in the play area.  It looks better now, but it was definitely a black eye! 

He is enjoying more and more foods every day.  They feed him all kinds of things at school, like sloppy joes and spaghetti with meatballs--things I would be scared to serve in my own home for fear of it all over the walls.  Hayden has a new word for food--we think he is repeating "dinner" but it comes out like "nin-nyuh" and he says it around mealtimes.  He repeats it louder and louder the closer he gets to the highchair.  He loves these homemade bran muffins that I make, which honestly don't taste very good since they don't have real sugar or butter or anything in them.  But Hayden thinks they are great.   

Hayden loves to play in our bedroom, bathroom and closet.  There are all kinds of things for him to get into, so we watch him very closely!  He really enjoys opening and closing doors, cabinets, and drawers and pulling everything out--he'll hand each item to us one at a time, and then start to put everything back.  Drew was famous for organizing, rather than playing with, his toys, so Hayden probably has some of that in him!  

We took Hayden to the Austin Zoo since it was so nice outside on Sunday afternoon.  Hayden seemed to like the huge turtles and some of the farm animals best.  We had a great weekend with such nice weather and a happy boy!