I will carry you January 01, 2011
Hayden and I have this conversation alot.   It goes like this.  He'll ask me to carry him, and I'll tell him he is Too Big and when is he going to carry me?  So he says, I'll carry you when I'm thirty-one Mommy, you are too heavy now.  I'll be bigger than Daddy when I'm thirty-one Mommy.  So tonight we're having this conversation for the umpteenth time at dinner and Drew tells Hayden and Hadley that they can carry him and change his diapers when they are thirty-one and he is old.  And Hadley, our darling daughter, looks thoughtful and says "And you will have poop in your pants and I will change you, Daddy."    
Retry December 21, 2010
My last post got cut off by a screaming child.  But what I was trying to post was that we had to take Hayden for a blood draw on Saturday morning (not sure why yet---supposedly it is a 4 year old standard thing but we are going to dig deeper to find out if this is truly necessary NOW or if we can wait a couple of months--especially after what happened)..but anyway, Drew and I took him, my mom babysat Hadley.  Hayden did great until...they couldn't find a vein.  Three nurses were digging around with a needle in his arm and were saying that the vein was "rolling".  They offered to stick his finger and squeeze two vials of blood out of his finger but at this point both Hay and Mommy were done.  So we left.  Without our insurance card.  But Hayden got his Diego watch, a bag of popcorn and a polar bear cookie for his brave endurance of something entirely ridiculous and ultimately pointless.  I told him he was Mommy's brave boy and he said (this broke my heart) "I am not Mommy's brave boy.  I want to go home, I miss my Sister." 

Hayden and Hadley are big on calling each other Sister and Brother.  First thing every morning Hadley says (with her eyes still closed) "where is my Brother and what is he watching".  Very sweet that they love each other so much!  This week Hayden is in soccer camp at the YMCA from 9-Noon and he loves it.  He is the only boy with 5 girls (odd) but he is burning lots of energy and that is good.  This does not equate to more sleep at night but whatever. 

Nana and Pop are here for their Christmas visit!  We are having so much fun with them.  Today we will sing happy birthday to Jesus and decorate his birthday cake.  Tonight we'll have the traditional lasagna made by Pop and do Christmas.     
Blood draw disaster December 18, 2010
We have survived the past few weeks of end of school things before Christmas holiday.  We have partied and partied.  Hadley had her ballet show, which was too cute and precious.  Nee, Hayden, and even Drew were all able to attend.  The children had their Christmas program at school last week, and Hadley did great while all of us 2 year olds and 2s teachers were singing Jingle Bells.  My class was insane as usual and one of my students went head over heels down the steps mid-performance.  Drew got a video which was nice since I couldn't really see Hadley while trying to keep my students in one piece.
Weeks of madness December 04, 2010
These weeks in December are crazy for everyone I think.  We had a great Thanksgiving break but we have had such a busy week this week!  Drew has something like 35 concerts in the first 3 weeks of December.  I got to attend two of them this week in the evenings (thanks to Nee who babysat) and they were incredible.  The advanced chorus and strings were honored to sing and play at the downtown tree lighting last night and they were fantastic. 

This week we also visited Santa at Memorial City Mall on Hayden's birthday!  We had a big time also riding the carousel and playing in the castle.  Nee's Mall is wonderful for little children.  Hayden had gymnastics that evening and he is going to be promoted to the "big boy" class in January now that he has mastered some skills.   Hayden received monster trucks and a car garage for his birthday and he has been going to town this week.  Drew also brought home little Christmas trees for each of our children this week  that they can keep in their bedrooms and decorate with their little handmade ornaments.  They love them and Hayden sort of uses his as a nightlight. 

On Thursday Hayden had his 4 year old checkup, and that is a beating as everyone knows.  He did so great until the dreaded shots.  He recovered quickly though and Chickfila for dinner was helpful.  The doctor was asking Hayden his letters and when she asked him what sound does a "D" make, he said "quack".  We have a puzzle with the alphabet and it has a duck in the spot for the D so I think he was thinking she wanted to know what sound the duck made, but it was too funny.  Dr. Cohan got a kick out of that.

This morning was the children's breakfast at church, and the kids and I had a big time eating breakfast, making crafts, singing songs, and listening to the Christmas story while Drew set up the backyard for Hayden's party this afternoon.  We have the cake and balloons and we are ready to party like preschoolers.     
Ready for Thanksgiving November 21, 2010
We are all so ready for Thanksgiving break!  I have the whole week off (so do the kids) from school and Drew has his first days off since he began work in June here--he only has to work Monday and Tuesday this week!  Of course last week was crazy at preschool with Thanksgiving activities.  I am so looking foward to only pottying my two kids for 10 days! 

Last weekend I got to go to a baby shower for my sweet college roommate Natalie Leuders, and then spent quality time with old friends on Sunday at a reef dedication in Galveston for my friend Jennifer who passed away in 2003.  This weekend we have been pretty quiet except I took the kids to open gym at gymnastics on Saturday and they LOVE it of course.  Hadley especially looks so tiny there running around among the bigger kids but she has no fear.  They both love bars, beam and trampoline. 

We are all hard at work on writing our letters.  Hayden can write his name, Hadley, Daddy, Mommy, Abby, etc and the other day he just randomly spelled Target which I hadn't taught him but apparently was important!  Hadley knows her letters but mostly just writes Hs alot.  The kids love to make a pirate ship with couch cushions and we tape together telescopes or whatever they are called and yell alot of "yohoho and yeeheehee".  They love to play pretend together.  We also do a TON of art.  I am kind of art-ed out by the time we are finished with preschool for the day but still Hayden and I sit down for about 2 hours every afternoon while Hadley naps and we art our hearts out.  We pull out the paint, glue, stickers, paper, markers, crayons and random stuff and get to it. 

Today was my due date with Hayden 4 years ago!  Of course he wasn't born until 8 days later and after a mighty lonely Thanksgiving Day, but I clearly remember this day in New York when I foolishly thought "today might be the day!".  He was worth the wait, and, as ever, does all things on his own schedule. :)