Spring Break! March 14, 2011

The past few weeks leading up to Spring Break have been fun and busy.  Last weekend Hayden and I went to his friend Emily's birthday party at the park.  Hadley was sad she wasn't invited, so Drew took her on a special lunch date (and her first time ever!) to McDonalds.  He got her a Happy Meal and let her play in the playland.  Hayden also had his first soccer game last Sunday afternoon.  Nee came to watch with us.  Hayden was exhausted afterwards (it is mostly just all of the kids running and chasing the ball for an hour).  That night Hadley had her first sleepover by herself at Nee's house.  She loved it.  She has been begging ever since to have another sleepover.    

Last Monday night Drew and I had tickets to see Tim McGraw at the rodeo.  It was Drew's first time ever to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo--and if you haven't ever been, you should go!  It is huge.  We didn't even do the carnival, but we ate some of the good food, went to see all of the livestock, and watched every single event.  Drew loved all of the events and saw his first Mutton Bustin, which is kids under the age of 7 who ride sheep while wearing a crash helmet.  Really cute!  Tim McGraw is very entertaining, but we ended up coming home before he played the last song--a Monday night out for us is alot!  

On Fridays, one of my days off, the kids and I have been having lunch picnics in the backyard.  They love helping me set out the picnic mat and all the food.  This past Friday, we even had special music from across the street at Parker--it was field day and Drew had a DJ out there blasting "Firework" among other songs.  H&H had a little dance party.  Then we walked over to Parker to watch some of the events and have a popsicle with the students.  

Saturday Hadley and I had a special girls date at Crave cupcake while the boys did the grocery shopping.  She's really into the book Pinkalicious, so she wanted a pink cupcake.  So I got her one and we watched the ladies make the sugar decoration things that go on top of the cupcakes while she ate it. 

Sunday Hayden had his 2nd soccer game, and he even scored the first goal of the game!  He had some new soccer cleats that Mommy found for him, and he seemed to be able to run better in them than in the Tball cleats I had for him the prior week.


A trip to the urgent care February 20, 2011
Surprisingly we haven't been to an urgent care since we moved to Houston.  Until Tuesday when Hayden bonked his head on a cubbie in the Puppies class.  Fortunately his teacher is a former nurse, and she was thinking it would just need the glue.  What a relief, especially after my ordeal with Hadley's stitches at the plastic surgeon last year sans anesthetic.  The doctor confirmed it would just need glue, and Hayden was so brave and never cried during the entire process.  Afterward, we called the director of our school and let her know to get a sub for the whole day for me, as Hayden's doctor didn't want him back at school that day for fear of splitting the cut open before the glue dried.  So we headed to Starbucks for Hayden's reward cookie treat.  Then he wanted to go home and watch the Cars movie "all by myself with Mommy, this is my special day!"  It broke my heart that he had to hurt himself to get special time alone with Mommy.  

Drew worked late many nights this week and on Saturday too, so we've been missing the Daddy lately, but he is doing very important and good work at Parker.  This Friday he will be back in the saddle with the Texas Trailriders!  He is riding in front of his school and the preschool (and our house for that matter--all on the same street), and he will ride a horse named Max.  Drew is a former Saddle Bronc champion so we think he'll do just fine in spite of having not been on a horse in quite some time.  He will be wearing his famous trophy belt buckle as well.  At preschool we also have our rodeo parade on Thursday, so it will be a rodeo filled week.     
Hayden's fan club February 09, 2011
Last night we went to Los Tios night to support our preschool--the restaurant donates a percentage of the dinner check to the preschool, so we were happy to go and eat the good mexican food and help out our school.  I have been eating at Los Tios since before I can remember and I recommend the #3 or the #8.  Anyway, when we walked in, Hayden's best girlfriends were already there and were seated at a table together.  So Amelie and Addie began chanting "HAYDEN HAYDEN HAYDEN" as we walked in.  It was ridiculous and hysterical.  We told him to live it up because in ten years those girls might not give him the time of day!  His favorite girlfriend, Violet, wasn't there, but he made do with the two girls in attendance.  At one point one of the girls was whispering "Hayden....Hayden" and he put up his hand and said "I'm finishing my supper!"  Like I said, give it ten years. 

Also today Hayden made his first appearance in the little local newspaper.  He and all of his Puppies Class friends were pictured for Pirates and Princesses day at school. 

While Hadley did not make the paper today, her class did a late Chinese New Year celebration today and among other things dressed up in the silk(ish) Chinese-style PJs and getups.  They paraded down to my class (I was OF COURSE in a conference) and up and down the halls.  I did get to see her eventually, and she conveniently and randomly had her hair in two little buns so she looked the part. 
"Snow day" February 05, 2011
The past two weeks have been a madhouse for us with spring conferences for me and for any number of things for Drew--he has had sewage pipes at Parker burst, power outages, "snow days", and several unmentionable school-related issues!  School was cancelled this past Friday for all, which ended up being somewhat of a blessing.  The roads were icy (no snow as promised!) so everyone was instructed to stay home, which we did.  Drew caught up on some sleep.  Our kids love to be at home, so they had big fun building forts and working on their art projects. 

Tonight Drew and I attended the Suzuki concert for Parker, where over 250 of his students performed (violinists and cellists).  It is incredible watching Kindergarten through 5th graders play their instruments so professionally.  

Hayden is excited about the Super Bowl tomorrow, although he was hoping that the Broncos would be playing (ha).  Hadley's teacher at school told me something funny...we do alot of "testing" around conference time, and one of the skills tests she does with her class is to see if they recognize common signage around town.  She showed Hadley pictures of McDonalds, Target, and Chuckee Cheese.  Hadley told her she had no idea what the McDonalds picture was and she wondered if Chuckee Cheese might be Build A Bear?  Hadley of course doesn't know what Chuckee Cheese is (and she has never been to Build A Bear for that matter either), she's been through the McDonalds drive thru a time or two with Daddy for biscuits (she calls it Old MacDonalds though), but she sure knows what Target is!   
Birthdays January 17, 2011
Early January is filled with birthdays!  Last Saturday the kids and I went to Leah Claire Nall's 3rd birthday party, which was a great time painting at easels, jumping on trampolines, and eating delicious cake made by Michelle.  That afternoon we went to Ciara Finan's 4th birthday party at the park (Hadley sat this one out so she could finish her nap), where Hayden had fun making fairy crafts, wearing fairy princess crowns, and getting treats out of the pinata.  Happy times with old friends.  Saturday night Drew and I had a fun dinner out just the two of us to celebrate more birthday of course and on a day when we both happened to be 32 years old.  We are the same age for 5 days each year!