Dada the Teacher April 29, 2008
I forgot to post this yesterday--Drew would probably be annoyed that I am even posting this but it is too funny not to.  Hayden has this book called Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See, and he loves it.  At the end there is a picture of a middle-aged, lady teacher with a brown bun and glasses.  When Hayden gets to that page, he gets down off the couch or chair and runs to Drew yelling "Dada! Dada! Dada!".  Dada IS his favorite word these days, but it makes me laugh that Hayden sees this woman and immediately associates her with his Dada the teacher.  :)  Speaking of teaching, Drew taught Hayden the sign for "thank you", which I thought was impressive.  I know they work on that one at school, but I am convinced that Drew is the one who got him to actually use it. 
Counting down April 28, 2008

We are on the countdown until Hadley's arrival.  I have been feeling pretty maxed out recently, as Hayden was sick last week and was sent home from school (for a "fever" of 98 degrees) Thursday.  He and I stayed home Friday, and he gave me a run for my money!  Fat mommy has trouble keeping up with Hayden at times, especially with the sciatica that gives me fits.  He has a tendency to act out with me, too, and I'm not sure if it is his age combined with my working full time and/or expecting the new baby.

When I picked Hayden up at daycare on Thursday after I got the "fever" phone call, he was eating lunch at the table, so I just watched him eat from the window until he was finished.  It was really insightful to stand there and watch!  He was sitting at the table with 9 other one and half year olds in his chair like a big boy, with his spoon (the plastic kind you use at a picnic) and plate full of Goulash (seriously), vegetables, wheat bread and cup of milk.  It made me realize how grown up he is, just sitting there quietly and independently eating--nothing unusual, but it was a rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall during Hayden's day at school. 

Hayden really is the light of our lives, and I have so much guilt that he is going to be sad (or mad) soon when he has to share us with Hadley.  Hayden is a very affectionate little boy, and he loves to be held and gives kisses and hugs to us all the time. 

At my doctor appointment last Thursday, I was at 3cm, so improvement from the last week.  I think Hadley will make her appearance when she is good and ready!          

Haircut April 18, 2008

It has been another eventful week at our house!  Hayden has been doing so well and is sleeping much better for us, which we appreciate.  On Wednesday, I got brave and pulled out a pair of blunt scissors on the fly (the kind you have in elementary school--blunt with rounded tips), and grabbed a chunk of Hayden's mullet while he wasn't paying attention (he was busy slamming a drawer open and shut in the bathroom) and hacked it off!  It was totally uneven, so I had Drew come in to hold Hayden on his lap while I tried to even it out and also cut off the Crusty the Clown "wings" on the side of his head.  Hayden had caught on by then and was not pleased with the process!  But he looks like such a big boy now with his (still uneven) haircut. 

Early this week, Hayden got scratched at school for stealing another kid's snack.  Then, he got monster bruises on his arm and back which were in the shape of two distinct little lines of teeth--apparently the result of a fight over a particular puzzle.  Thankfully those are all fading, along with the bruise on his forehead from almost two weeks ago when he got the scary goose-egg from the fall on the window-sill at school.  Boys will be boys, I guess, but I may have a heart-attack before Hayden turns 5. 

Hayden loves his Daddy's belts, and he even says "belt" and asks for them to play with.  His newest favorite songs are "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" and the "Hokey Pokey" and he laughs and laughs when Drew and I act them out for him.  He adores his puzzles, and we do puzzles several times a day.

Abby survived the removal of two of her teeth last Friday, although her pain medication and/or antibiotics, which Drew administers, have upset her stomach.  She unfortunately made a mess in her box the other day and then pranced all over the carpet with poop on her feet.  Drew had to hold her down to clean her paws, and you have never heard such a horrible sound from an animal!  Hayden and I could hear her howling all the way from the bathroom where I was stripping him for his bath.  I think the noise surprised him--he looked at me, grinned, and then peed on the floor.  He usually waits to get into the bath to pee (I think), but I guess all of the racket set him off!  

Drew installed the old infant car seat back in his car and moved Hayden's carseat behind the drivers seat.  That was the only way to make it work so that Drew could fit his legs in the car to drive.  Hayden didn't seem to know what to think of the infant seat in the car, but he has gotten used to it now.  I wonder what he will think of a baby riding in there??

Speaking of baby Hadley, I went to the doctor yesterday and am now at 2cm.  Progress, but still 8cm to go!  :)  I am not betting on an early baby.  I had pinkeye yet again this week, but thankfully they gave me some treatment for it, and it is gone.  Less than 3 weeks to go until we see our girl, I hope!! 

What a week April 11, 2008

The Houlihans have had quite a week!  I got a call from daycare on Monday, as Hayden fell and hit his head on the window sill (again) at daycare and had an enormous, awful, purple goose-egg on his forehead.  He was very tough though and wasn't even crying when I picked him up, but I thought he probably had a concussion.  The doctor had us just watch him for signs of a concussion, and luckily he has been fine; he just looks like he has been in a fight!  Then I got pinkeye in both eyes on Tuesday and had to stay home from work on Wednesday and Thursday.  Thankfully Hayden and Drew haven't caught THAT.  Of course they don't give the real drugs to a pregnant person, so the pinkeye was slow to heal.  Today I had a checkup at the obstetrician and am 1cm dilated, but of course we know that doesn't mean much!  I still do not expect Hadley any sooner than her due date, if not later based upon Hayden's delayed arrival.  Abby, poor kitty, had oral surgery today, so she will likely be very angry with us all weekend and keep us up all night. 

Hayden has been very good this week and has enjoyed stepping up and down and up and down on the two step stools we bought.  He loves to climb up on the couch and read his books.  He has been going to bed later and getting up a little later, which is a big blessing for Drew and me.  I finally asked Ms. Sady at school what the signs were that Hayden knows, and she showed me water, milk, please, and of course, his favorite, more, which we already knew. 

The biggest news of the week, though, is that Drew was officially accepted to the University of Texas doctoral program yesterday!  He is the youngest person to ever be accepted to his particular program, and I am terribly proud of him!  He starts class June 9th (Nannie's birthday!), so we will have a crazy summer as expected. 

Schedule and Sign Language April 03, 2008

I had to write about this because I think it is so funny.  Yesterday, Drew had to work late so I picked Hayden up from daycare, which is rare, since Drew always beats me there due to my commute.  Hayden is very accustomed to Daddy picking him up around 4:30, which is after they have playground time at school and then come in and wash hands.  Ms. Katrina told me yesterday when I picked Hayden up that after playground, Hayden went and sat in a chair next to the classroom door waiting for Daddy to show up.  Poor Hayden knows his schedule even though he can't tell time and had to wait until Mommy got there at 5:15 to get him!  He is so cute at pickup though and immediately runs to me (Drew), gives kisses, and starts waving and saying bye-bye to anyone and everyone. 

I have also noticed how many signs Hayden is using, but unfortunately have no earthly idea what he is trying to communicate.  He signs something to me when he's in the bath and says something beginning with an "m" and looks at me expectantly.  I MUST ask Ms. Sadie at school for a list of the signs they are teaching.  He also uses the Spanish words for several things that are unclear to me, but I guess we'll figure that out too!