A Step Back in Time........
March 1, 2006
A step back in time......the prospect of adoption.....paper pregnant.....paper labor.....the idea of a family website....the excitement of a baby!  It's a girl!!  A strawberry blond baby girl from China!!
2008-01-05 18:27:43.0

       2007 January, February..........June, July......October, November, December.  as another year passes us by - So begins a new year.  Happy 2008 - Happy 2 Year LID anniversary.  There is still no end in sight....still no referral....still waiting.

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As we get through February 2008......

      As we get through February 2008, we are anxious at the thought of possibly being included in the next batch of referrals to find that we are not.  We scour the internet for any possible rumor to hang onto.  In March, we are the closest we've could ever be, and we miss referral by just one LID date.  We are so excited to know that we are next, and know at the same time that nothing is written in stone.  We have fears that anything can happen.  China could stop it's program at any given time if they so choose.  Anything can happen at any given time.  Hoping for a smooth referral.

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Which brings us to the present...... 2008-04-04 19:01:56.0

     The present...April 4, 2008....5:33PM....standing in the middle if the pizza shop waiting for dinner at the end of a long day. We get the call.....we have a referral.  It's a girl!! With reddish blond hair!  A strawberry blond baby girl from China??  Where did that come from??? 

     Little did we know that we would have our dossier logged in at the China Center of Adoption Affairs 20 months before our baby girl was born. 

     We hope to have her understand that her birth mother did not give her up lightly. Not just abandoned - rather loved so much and left so that she could be found, loved and given a chance for a happy,wonderful life. 

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