Joshua's Baby Book · September 8, 2015

Josh weighed in at the dentist today at 55.6 pounds

He will finally eat mac and cheese August 21, 2016

Josh ate mac and cheese tonight.  I know it sounds crazy, but this kid is so picky.  We are so excited to add one more thing to the list of items he will eat!  I convinced him that it was not "normal" for him to not eat mac and cheese and so he promised to take a taste and I went over to see how the taste went and he quietly said, "I like it.  I want a bowl of it"  Victory!!!

Weighing in.... September 09, 2015

Josh weighed in at the dentist today at a whopping 55.6 pounds.

Josh Stats July 30, 2014

Josh weighs in at 52.8 pounds.  He is just 3 pounds lighter than Gracie now.

Funny Phrases July 22, 2011

Josh says so many cute things.  Right now, he loves Buzz Whatear, calls Batman "That Man", says that my name is Mommy Sawyer, but can say Shewwy very cute.  When he does something that is going to rub Gracie the wrong way, he says, "Gracie's a be mad at me.".  He tells Mommy, Daddy, and Gracie, "Your my friend", all the time and is just such a sweet, fun boy!

More Phrases:

My Manks referring to his Imaginex Men, Space Bip,  Ho Ho (for Sanda), No Say that, I Is, I is not, Ti Toe (for tip toe), "Is so cool!",  "It's big and big.", "You fall me down", "It's heawy." (for it's heavy), "No, it's yuck.", "It's so yum!", Pink Mook (for pink milk), and the list goes on and on :)  He has started calling popcorn, popcorn, but for the longest time it was pop-pop.

He brings such joy to our lives!


3 Year Appointment April 10, 2011
No shots today.  Josh weighs in at 33 ppunds and 39-1/2 inches.