Joshua's Baby Book · September 8, 2015

Josh weighed in at the dentist today at 55.6 pounds

Pats Mommy on the Back! March 18, 2009
What a nice feeling, when a little pats you on the back, mimicking what you do!  Oh, he is such a piece of heaven!
He's travelling along furniture! March 15, 2009
He travels along furniture, etc........but the boys got wheels when he crawls so he drops down and crawls a lot.  He looks like a robo-baby, some type of bionic being!!!....Super Baby!!
He's Eating All Sorts of Big People Food March 02, 2009
This little boy will eat whatever you put in front of him.  He's eating grapes, pasta, green beans, and cheerios for the first time, besides all the cheerios that he's eaten that Gracie drops on the floor!  He also loves apples and sweet pototatoes.
Left-Front Tooth is Coming in! March 01, 2009
His top left-front tooth has really popped out and the top right-front tooth is right behind.  Mommy hates saying goodbye to the baby smiles filled with nothing but gums!
He Stands in his Crib! February 26, 2009
Today, I went to get Josh from his bed and he was standing at the edge waiting for me.  He's been pulling himself up on things for a while, but this is the first time he's greeted me standing up!  My little man is growing up so fast!