Joshua's Baby Book · September 8, 2015

Josh weighed in at the dentist today at 55.6 pounds

Josh loves his walker! April 21, 2009
Josh loves running around with a walker!  He will actually pick it up to turn the corner so he has plenty of balance to walk, just no motivation.  He pushes all sorts of stuff around, coolers, name it.  If it will scoot, it's a walker!
Favorite Word April 14, 2009

is "Muth".  We don't know what it means, but he means it when he says it:)

Rolls A Ball to You! April 13, 2009
We sat on the floor and Gracie and I rolled a ball to him and he rolled it back to us over and over.....He's so smart, this boy!
Josh Sleeps Until 9am April 10, 2009
Josh always wakes for an early morning feeding, somewhere between 3-5am.  This morning he slept until 9am and yesterday he slept until 8am.  Maybe there's hope for me to get something done in the morning, after all.....or maybe even get some sleep:)
Joshua's 1 Year Check Up April 08, 2009
I took Josh to the doctor today because he was tugging at his left ear constantly.  It turns out that it's just from teething, but since we were there, Dr. Eckert did his 1 Year appointment instead of having it next week.  Josh is now 20 Pounds 3 Ounces, and 29-3/4 in length.  What a perfect little baby boy!