Joshua's Baby Book · September 8, 2015

Josh weighed in at the dentist today at 55.6 pounds

He Slept through the Night. May 23, 2008
He's growing Like a Weed! May 22, 2008
I forgot how quickly they grow!!!!   He's 23", 9 Pounds, 12 Ounces
Smiles at Mommy! May 20, 2008
No one believed me at first, but I finally got Steve to witness it:)
Has his first real bath. May 10, 2008
He didn't cry one bit.  He seemed to like it!
2 Week Check-Up April 23, 2008
Josh weighs back in at 7 Pounds, 6 Ounces and is 21.5 Inches Longs.  What a little dreamboat!