things that make you say hmm · November 11, 2008

Where do babies come from?  China and Africa - Julia

At bedtime tonight, Wyatt said that he wants the whole family to go to China and bring home a baby.  He showed me where the baby can sleep next to him on his bed.  Wyatt does not like having his own room and does not want to share with Zachary because Zachary's room is "scary." 

In my devotional time today, the verse from Isaiah 43 where God promises to gather your children from the East popped up.  hmm

NO, We are not considering another adoption in the near future!  That said, we are not limiting God either. 

Please pray for us as we are reconsidering Wyatt's current educational placement.  He started full time preschool last week, and he is not a happy camper.  Transitions are tough for him, and that is the last thing we want to do at this time.  However, we really believe that this unhappiness is due to more than just transition, and new information gathered over the weekend has us wondering if Wyatt's current placement was a decision based on what is best for Wyatt. Oh, the trials of parenting!  We need wisdom, and we need it quick!

Coming attractions

an after picture from Wyatt's surgery - still awaiting full healing on his lip, and the disolving stitches didn't disolve, so they will probably be removed tomorrow at his follow up (he hates going to the doctor but is happy about tomorrow's appointment because he will miss some school - ouch!)  Wyatt has had only one pleasant doctor's appointment on American soil out of three appointments (5 shots at one, surgery at another)

a look back -Wyatt 's lifebook is being translated, and once we have the captions to go with the pictures, we will start putting some of them on the site