How about an update???? · April 16, 2009

Wow, I don't know how I got sooo behind here.  So I'll do a quick recap.  Christmas was great with the girls, they believe in Santa and had a wonderful time.  Right after Chirstmas we started planning Chinese New Year and had that event right before the ice storm.  Faith or Broc wasn't able to attend but the resf of us went and had a good time.  We tried to have fireworks at the event but it was VERY cold needless to say.  The ice storm took up the rest of Jan. we were without power for a week.  We had the gas log fireplaces and a gas stove so we were ok but wow what a long week.  Our area is still cleaning up after that terrible storm.  We we ahead and had Gracie's birhtday party at Ya Ya island, they had power we didn't and we felt like everyone needed a break and the girls needed to play.  So Gracie celebrated her 4th birthday there with a pink cake and a crown that lit up.  Gracie is such a funny child she is very indenpendant and tries to do everything for herself EVEN if you tell her NO!!!!  She decided that she didn't want her bangs to grow out anymore in March and proceeded to cut her hair, actually she didn't do a bad job but  we've got some growing to do right now.  Faith is going to be a performer she can dance and sing, it's really amazing.  She's growing into quite the indenpendant child also.  Broc was inducted into the national honor society and very proud moment in our lives!!!!  I'll post some pics later and get caught up. 

Right now Gracie's funny thing is she wants you to say "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  Then she LOVES to say "probably not."