Gracie's Baby Book · May 4, 2016
Gracie got her ears pierced! August 20, 2016

Gracie finally decided she wanted to have her ears pierced.  She was so cute at Claire's.  Gianna came along for moral support and videotaped the whole thing.  She looked petrified and then once the two ladies pierced her ears at the same time, he eyes popped wide open and she looked in shock.  She is one excited little girl to join the masses of people with ears pierced!!!

Gracie was selected for Safety Patrol!!! August 19, 2016

Gracie has been praying to be on Safety Patrol and came home from school and kept totally quiet about it until dinner time when she pulled out her official letter that she had to bring home to be signed by parents.  She is so excited!!!!  In 3rd grade, she vowed she never wanted to do that.  She is growing up so much!

Trip to the doctor May 05, 2016

We were afraid Gracie had Strep Throat and went to see Dr. Dobbins.  Turns out to be just an infection, but no Strep.  Gracie weighed in at 71 pounds today.

Gracie Stats July 30, 2014

Gracie weighs in at 55.8 pounds and is just 3 pounds heavier than Josh.  Boy are they both getting so BIG!!!

Funny Phrases July 22, 2011
Gracie says so much funny stuff that I don't write down.  She is such a clever little girl and sees the world with such a big imagination!

She started saying some funny (and not-so-funny) phrases after starting school.  When you tell her something and she doesn't believe you, she says, "For Real?".  We were shopping the other day and she asked if she could get something and when I said, "No," she asked if it was because it was not on pirce?  She meant not on sale, but it so cute watching try to use phrases that she hears us say, sometimes very out of place and mixed-up.  I love the cute thinking that goes behind it :)