Gracie's Baby Book · May 4, 2016
Goes Potty on Potty Chair! April 07, 2008
Of course, this happened when she stayed with Julie and Chloe while we were in the hospital having Josh.  She actually did it twice there and has done it a few time since she's been home.
2 Year Check-Up February 20, 2008
Gracie is now 25 Pounds and 35 Inches Tall.  She is blossoming to such a little girl!
18 Month Exam June 05, 2007
Gracie is 21.5 Pounds and 32" now.
March 2007 - April 2008 Mommy is lame and Forgets to Chart Accomplishments!
Well, this year has been a year of so many changes in Gracie.  It was also the year we were pregnant with Josh:)  so many of Gracie's Milestones were not recorded.  Gracie is such a clever little girl.  She is talking up a storm and likes to repeat everything she can to impress you.  She wants to do everything herself and "No", of course, is her favorite word.  She is learning that "Yes" can work wonders, too.  It is July 2008 and right now "Sorry" seems to be her favorite word:)  (for good reason)  Since Josh has been born, we have had lots of company and Gracie has loved the chance to entertain!
Momma, I gotta watch my shows! March 07, 2007
Yesterday Gracie went into our guest bedroom and took the tv remote and went to our game room and pushed the buttons and pointed it up towards the tv that is mounted up in the corner of the room.  She's never seen that tv on, but she just figured it should turn on like all the others.  It was soo cute!