Gracie's Baby Book · May 4, 2016
Gracie Goes Potty Three Times on the Potty Today! July 29, 2008
Gracie goes "poggy" as she calls it 3 times on the potty today!  What a big girl!
Has MRI July 18, 2008
We have been worried about a lump on the top of Gracie's head and had an MRI done today to make sure nothing was going on inside to cause this.  It turns out she's just got a lumpy head :), most likely a result of being suctioned at birth.
Goes "Poggy" All By Herself July 01, 2008
Gracie loves to run around naked and play on her potty chair.  Today, she said she had to go, but was just playing around so I went into the kitchen to do something and then I heard the music of her potty chair.  Her little potty seat plays music when you go potty.  I heard the music and ran in to congratulate her on her victory!  She is so proud to be a big girl!  We are so proud of her, too.
Gets Dressed All By Herself! June 15, 2008
Gracie has been putting on some of her clothes for a while now, but today she got dressed from head to toe and was so proud of herself!  So are we:)
Gracie Has Her First X-Ray May 21, 2008
Today I took Gracie for an X-Ray of her head.  She has a lump on the top of her skull that we noticed a while back and it does not seem to be going away.  Dr. Dobbins thought it was in the soft tissue, but it feels like part of her skull.  We took her back to Dr. Eckert, who ordered an X-Ray, just to be sure.