Gracie's Baby Book · May 4, 2016
Haaa Criffus from Gracie December 25, 2008
That's Merry Christmas in Gracie talk.  Don't you just love the way they pronounce things?!
Gracie Goes #2! December 09, 2008
Gracie took it upon herself to go all by herself.  What a big girl!
Gracie's 3 Year Check-Up December 03, 2008
Gracie had her 3 year check-up today.  She is 37-1/2 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds.  This is the only check-up appointment where you don't get any shots.  She saw Dr. Eckerd today and loves "Dr. Ecker"!  She's her favorite!!!  I can't believe how fast she's growing up!
Gracie is pronouncing her name different:( August 28, 2008
OK...up until now, Gracie would say her "G See".  Today, she just started calling herself "GWACIE".  She's growing up so fast!
Special Words August 05, 2008

Gracie is talking up a storm and has been since about the time she turned 2.  We thought we would jot down a few of the cute first pronunciations, phrases and terms she had...Popcourse, manias, yellow mook, "thank you my yellow mook", "I no want to go nigh night!", georgia, mouse for Mickey Mouse, chicky and fries, Crocodee, "I scared", No want, Caillou, Wor World.

She is prounouncing so many things well.....Josh, Joshua, Mommy, Daddy, Kem, Linnies, Grandma, Papa, Nonnie, Winda, Emma, Mom (Dawn), Denise (from Super Target), Hobbie (as in cat), Sammy who used to be "Sssss", Morning, Stars, beans, peas, Woody, Doggy, Puppy, Kitty, Please, Thank You, Sorry (a lot!).

It is so cute to see her making cute little sentences about everything!  She is quite a chatterbox!