Gracie's Baby Book · May 4, 2016
Fun Words and Phrases March 09, 2009
Gracie says such funny stuff these days....I could never even begin to get it all down, but we wanted to remember some of the cute things she says and ways she pronounces stuff.  For Grapes, Gers.  Ice Cream=Ahs Cream.  Something=Sumpin.  M&M Minis=Mintins.  Bottom=Boum.  Door=Dord.  Tu Tu=Chu Chu.  Ahs Cream = Ice Cream.  Cute Phrases.......she has millions of them!  "To Feel Me Better / To Feel You Better", "Don't Fall Me Down" after she tripped on my foot and fell down and busted her lip!  She adds "After All" after phrases she says.  She loves to say "Oh my" and "Oh Wow!" when you tell her things.  "Oh Gosh, Oh No" are also favorites of hers.  Also, she's heard daddy say a key phrase, "Oh sh?!t!, so he taught her to say, "Shucks!" instead.  She has now changed it to, "Ah, Shuck Its!"  She says it with all the emotion and vigor that one might say, "Ah Sh?!T!" with.  You cannot help, but laugh at this:)  Dad's doing great with his new "Shucks" phrase, though!  She says, "Oh, Darn it!" and balls up her fist and waves it when she wants to be animated about something being messed up.  It's really cute!   I will think of some more and write them down, too.
It's Official, Gracie is Going to Pre-K!! February 26, 2009
Today, I enrolled Gracie in the Pre-K Program at Peace United Methodist Church.  I am excited and sad all at the same time.  Can't she just stay little forever?!
Refuses Once Again To Use the Potty!!!! February 05, 2009
Gracie Had Decided It's Time to Use the Potty! February 03, 2009
She went 10 times today on the potty!
Measurements at Joshua's Doctor Appointment January 09, 2009

28.8 Pounds with her clothes on.  27-1/2 inches tall.