My Favorite places to go · February 20, 2009

Hi all!! I thought that I would share with all of you some of my favorite blogs! Some are links to organizations that are AWESOME at providing help to orphans---others are family blogs that are inspiring and just plain fun to read!

On the adoption real news!! We have been waiting about 5 weeks- so I guess that I should not expect anything yet--but there always is that anticipation when we wake up that there will be a message in my in-box announcing our approval!! I also am waiting for an update on Samuel--hopefully with pictures!  We did find out that we are in the "review room" which is great--but whether our documents are atually being reviewed--I have NO idea!!!


As always--prayers/good thoughts are so appreciated!!! We will let you know when we have any news!!

Enjoy our links!!


Darrin, Amy & gang!

The Elison Project view website
Throwing Starfish view website
An awesome organization and story of a woman who gives everything up to run a home for orphans in China that need medical attentilon that the orphanages can't handle. Look out for a fundraiser that I am organizing to benefit this incredible place!!
The Red Letters Campaign view website
A great campaign to find out how you can help orphans throughout the world
The Philip Hayden Founfation view website
another awesome organization commited to providing a warm, nurturing enviroment for China's orphans
No Hands but Ours view website
An website created by adoptive moms that provides info on various special needs-and links to waiting children that are in desperate need of a home! A very special site!
The Seventh Diamond view website
This is a web site that is linked to Throwing Starfish--and has teamed up to provide assistance to the Starfish Foundation
Our Wuxi Girl view website
This is a blog of a friend that is adopting from Wuxi--where our daughter Hope is from. Their daughter and Hope where buddies and they are getting ready to travel to bring their little girl home!!
The Voice of Adventure view website
Awesome blog by an inspiring lady....
Where laughter lives view website
An inspiring and amazing blog of a family that is dealing with cancer of their adopted daughter--it is truly breathtaking how their faith is carrying them through their pain
My Charming Kids view website
Just love this blog--totally cute kids--great mom