Jet Lag! · June 24, 2008

We are adjusting to life at home.

As we noted before Wyatt got up at 1:30a.m. on Friday.  Zachary held out with him until 2:30 and then awoke Savannah who managed to stay up until 7:00a.m.  Mom and Dad slept through the whole thing. We went out for shoes on Saturday and worked hard to just keep moving and stay awake, but Wyatt fell asleep while driving to the shoe store.  He never really woke up again after that.  Savannah chose his shoes, and he was able to stand up to be sized.  She made a good choice as he seems to like them.

Saturday night was rough.  Andy was up most of the night with Wyatt who kept getting up and acting as if his stomach hurt and as if he was angry.  Every time Andy would try and get him to eat, Wyatt would fall back asleep.  By the time we all got up for church on Sunday, Wyatt seemed to be ready to go.  He really enjoyed the preschool chapel, but he started getting too rough with the kids during second hour, so we removed him from the situation.  He did not go to bed until 8:00 p.m.  on Sunday, and he slept all night.  We thought the jet lag was behind us, but we were wrong.  Yesterday, he went to bed at 4:00 p.m. and awoke at 8:00.  He was up until about 11:00 and then slept through the night.  We think that sleeping may also be a way of dealing with grief.

Zachary is at camp this week.  We dropped him off Sunday evening, and Wyatt loved the wagon ride out to the cabin and playing in the sand on the beach by the lake.  We had the camera ready to go with us and ended up leaving it at home. 

Yesterday, Savannah attempted to get Wyatt to play in the sprinkler, but he did not like it.  We may try the pool today and will at least try water balloons and water guns.  If Wyatt doesn't like playing in water, we may have to kick him out of the family (lol).

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Of course we had lots of mail to deal with on our return, and this is one thing that made us smile. Operation Christmas child made it to China this year. We don't recall seeing evidence that they have been there before, and this was the cover story on the Operation Christmas child update. We have lots of fun stuffing shoeboxes for this organization every year.
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p.m. update

The water guns were mostly successful.  Wyatt loved shooting the house, trees, dog, cat, and everyone else.  Sometimes he was tickled by being shot and other times, he pouted about it.  "Tis better to give than receive"

He took to the baby pool just fine, but he clung to Tamara in the big pool and made it abundantly clear that he did not want his face to get wet.  Making it clear that his face would not get wet was a harder sell. 

Our Julia is growing up.  She saw her first movie theater movie while we were in China and learned to go under water which she loves.  Savannah was bored with the pool early yesterday, but Julia learned to jump in on her own while we were there, so she did this repeatedly.  Going to the pool was high on her list of fun things to do because she was very anxious to show Mom how she goes under water.  We still make her swim in the jacket, but she is quite proud of herself and definitely quite the waterbug.  Zachary has been on a swim team for six years now, and we think Julia might be the only one to join him when she is old enough.