Jet lag over - sleepless nights - Not! · June 28, 2008

We seem to have gotten past the trial of jet lag, but last night was still a sleepless night for Tamara.  It started when the electricity went out right after the kids went to bed.  A freaked out Julia came to join Mom in bed.  A tired Mom did not argue.  Later, Julia started kicking and crying seemingly unaware of her surroundings.  At first it appeared that night terrors were back.  However, it was soon apparent that we were dealing with leg cramps.  Julia may have missed getting Mom and Dad up for the first year of her life, but she has made up ground with night terrors and leg cramps. We haven't experienced the night terrors in a couple of years, and it has been months since the leg cramps surfaced.  The leg cramps are terrible because there is little we can do but offer support and comfort. Massages, ice packs, icy hot packs do little to help.  She absolutely refuses medicine, and once the cramps start, they revisit her over and over again for several hours. Imagine the pain this inflicts on a preschooler and how little can be done to explain it.  We all try to sleep in between the strikes. Julia has seen a doctor over this, and the wrong leg was x-rayed (a story for another day).  The only remedy we have discovered is that stretching in the evening seems to help.  Of course, we are now out of that habit, but she will be stretching tonight. 

Two days later, but these are the pictures.

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